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About Us

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Opened in 2018, Sun's Out Swim School operates with the goal of making all children in Pinellas County able swimmers. What makes Sun's Out unique is our specially designed swim curriculum and experienced, passionate instructors.


The SwimSafe - SwimWell - SwimFast Curriculum​

Sun's Out swimmers first learn skills that will keep them safe in and around the water. They continue to learn the fundamentals of swimming and the four competitive strokes. Finally, our swimmers work to increase their speed and endurance. At our current location, we teach the SwimSafe and SwimWell portions of the curriculum. 

Sun's Out instructors have experience swimming competitively and working with children. They tailor lessons to fit each child's learning style and build a relationship with every swimmer. Don't settle for public pool lessons, learn to swim at Sun's Out Swim School!

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